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{{vm.product.SpProduct.Article}} Living the Mystery of Marriage
Building Your Sacramental Life Together

Perry J. Cahall

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Living the Mystery of Marriage assists those called to marriage to live out the wonderful, beautiful, and challenging mystery of married love. Dr. Cahall writes in accessible language to present a theology, spirituality, and morality of marriage. Insightful “Self-Discovery” discussion questions are included to help couples process presented information. “Questions That Might Be on Your Mind” will engage the reader through the real world issues couples confront today. This resource also provides priests, deacons, and all ministers engaged in marriage preparation with a foundation of the Church’s teaching as well as an introduction to Pope St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body.

“This insightful book is a great gift for those embarking on the mystery of marriage and for those in the Church who are prepared to assist them. The clear explanation of church teaching, the helpful practical examples, and the astute reflection questions combine the best of Catholic theology and pastoral practice.”

—Michael Dougherty
Professor of Philosophy, Ohio Dominican University

“In Living the Mystery of Marriage, Dr. Cahall explains God's vision for marriage with convincing beauty and clarity. Readers are invited to lean into their marriage vows as their path to holiness, particularly through living a ‘spirituality of tenderness.’ This vision is sure to give couples new eyes for each other! His long experience speaking to engaged couples at our Pre-Cana days is reflected in the well-chosen ‘Questions That Might be on Your Mind’ sections and in the warmth he brings to the subject. There are also ‘Self-Discovery’ questions at the end of each section, making this book a practical tool for all those who want to build a joyful Catholic marriage. I consider it one of the most helpful books to put in the hands of an engaged couple, or any married couple who wants to enrich their relationship!”

—Catherine Suprenant
Marriage Prep Coordinator
Diocese of Columbus Marriage & Family Life Office

“The first step in this book is the most crucial one: realizing that marriage is a special vocation to holiness. This discovery is the path into the true depths and excitement of Christian marriage. Holiness means becoming configured, as soul-body beings, to the self-giving love of the triune God. In fact, this is the very purpose of life! No wonder, then, that Cahall begins and ends this wonderfully instructive book with reflections upon how marriage relates to God's promise to draw us intimately into his own Trinitarian life. Once understood as a sacrament rather than a merely worldly enterprise, marriage becomes a great mystery of the Love for which we were made.”

—Matthew Levering
James N. and Mary D. Perry Jr. Chair of Theology
University of St. Mary of the Lake/ Mundelein Seminary
Author of The Indissolubility of Marriage

"A gift for anyone about to or already living the mystery of marriage, this book dives into God’s plan for the beautiful vocation of marriage. Dr. Cahall has successfully shared the truth about true love in a thorough, thought-provoking, and engaging way. A must read for any engaged / married couple or especially anyone involved in marriage ministry!"

—Stephanie Rapp, MSW, MA, LISW-S
Diocese of Columbus
Director, Marriage & Family Life Office

“Though intending this book initially for the engaged of newly married, Dr. Cahall inevitably provides indispensable enlightenment for the long-time married, especially for those still learning to pray, sacrifice and make sense of their life together. Both sets of readers find their obvious challenging questions confronted at the end of each section. The spiritual/theological grounding in mutual self-giving explains the meaning of marriage in straightforward, accessible language. The practical end-of-chapter questions will also help pastors, marriage preparation instructors, and sponsoring couples when answering some of the more vexing marital questions that couples will have. The closing section on celibacy and connecting it to living the sacrament marriage clearly demonstrates the unity of sexual giving that all are persons are called to. This book is an excellent resource.”

—Joseph Murphy, SJ
Former Associate Professor of Systematic and Moral Theology
Pontifical College Josephinum

“Dr. Perry Cahall’s Living the Mystery of Marriage immerses engaged and married Catholics into a “spirituality of tenderness” which serves to ground and guide couples in their relationship with each other and with God. The holy vocation of marriage, the gift and fullness of the sexual union and the ‘mission of responsible parenthood’ are some of the many dimensions of marriage and family life that are covered in this volume. I recommend this book for engaged or married couples who seek to better understand God’s plan for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.”

—Deacon Mark Krejci, PHD
Diocese of Crookston MN
Director, Office of Formation in Discipleship, Marriage, Family, Respect Life Ministries
Director, Permanent Diaconate Personnel & Formation

“Dr. Perry Cahall, in this new book Living the Mystery of Marriage, offers couples a powerful resource for building their lives together as husband and wife on a firm foundation. This volume is a clear presentation of the Church’s teaching on the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, written in a way that is understandable and enlightening for everyone.”

—Most Reverend Robert J. Brennan
Diocese of Columbus, OH