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{{vm.product.SpProduct.Article}} Handbook for Ministers of Care
Third Edition

Marilyn Kofler, sp and Kevin E. O’Connor, csp

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Ministers of care are commissioned by the Church to bring the compassion and communion of Christ to the sick and the homebound and to bear witness to the suffering of the members of the parish. The third edition of this award-winning resource provides lay ministers of care with a formational and training tool as they prepare to serve those who are sick and homebound. In these pages, lay ministers will learn a theology of sickness and suffering, how to preside over the rituals of the Church, how best to make pastoral visits, and how to take care of their own spiritual needs while caring for others.

“Whether you are new to ministry or a longtime pastoral care provider, this is a beautiful reminder of the responsibility and the blessings we share as we serve Christ. A must read for those who lead others in the pastoral care ministry! The resources provided are very beneficial.”
Bonnie Ussery Director, Pastoral Care Nativity Catholic Church Brandon, FL

“I found this resource to be beneficial for those new to the pastoral care of the sick as well to those that have been involved in this ministry for some time. It touches upon all the areas that the ministers need—from the theology of sickness and death, to making the actual visits, and taking care of your own self. An awesome resource!”
Deb Kralicek, MSN, LCPC, LMFT Director of Pastoral Care St. Mary Catholic Community Diocese of Helena, MT

“The third edition of the Handbook for Ministers for Ministers of Care will be a welcomed resource to all Catholic laypersons interested in caring ministries. Drawing upon its well-known second edition, this revision adds a helpful "Skill Summary" for each chapter, further integration of the Church's Pastoral Care of Sick, plus an enhanced chapter format for easier assimilation. I highly recommend this excellent primer, because it provides superb practical guidance in the art of pastoral care.”
Denice S. Foose BCC, MBA, MAPS Co-founder Empathic Pastoral Care Solutions Director Catholic Chaplain Corps Archdiocese Galveston-Houston, TX

“Our parish has a very active ministry to the sick and the homebound and this handbook has proven to be a very useful tool in training volunteer ministers of care. Whether someone is new to pastoral care ministry or is a seasoned minister of care, this book is a must have addition to any parish library.”
Mickey King, mts Pastoral Associate Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Morton, IL

“The Handbook for Ministers of Care has been significantly helpful, especially for someone like myself, looking for expert advice and insight on how to best carry out this ministry of Jesus and represent my parish community.”
Frank W. Noriega Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion for Nursing Homes St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Somers, New York