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{{vm.product.SpProduct.Article.Label}} What Happens at Mass, Revised Edition

Jeremy Driscoll, osb

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This intelligent, straightforward, guide to the Mass concentrates on the ritual form of the liturgy. Following the Order of the Mass, Fr. Jeremy Driscoll explores the ways in which we proclaim the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by means of our words and ritual actions. Through our ritual celebration of the liturgy, this proclamation causes what once happened to be present now as the event happening at Mass, where the ritual forms of the bread, the wine, and the movements of the priest and people are all completely imbued with significance, with divine life itself. Through this vivid exploration of our ritual words, signs, and actions, readers will come to a better understanding of the Mass as an encounter with Jesus Christ.

“The book is simple and straightforward, but not simplified. It is thoughtful and theologically profound. I think that it has something to offer adult education programs, to mystagogia programs, and to study programs for Liturgy commissions. I think everybody ought to read this book because everybody can learn something from it. I wish I had written it myself!”

—Daniel E. Pilarczk, PhD,
Archbishop Emeritus,
Springfield, IL


“Father Driscoll has done something remarkable here. He has written an intelligent, yet widely accessible, guide to the Mass. This book will be very popular with parish study groups, Newman clubs, adult education courses, and with individuals on the lookout for the best in spiritual reading.”

—Scott Hahn, PhD,
Professor of Theology and Scripture
Franciscan University,
Steubenville, OH


“This book is most useful for parish liturgical committees seeking to deepen their understanding of the liturgy they prepare, those who are involved in catechumenal ministry, or anyone who seeks to delve into the riches, tradition, and profound mystery of the Roman Liturgy.”

—Rev. Robert K. Johnson,
Office of Worship,
Diocese of Worcester, MA