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{{vm.product.SpProduct.Article}} Sourcebook for Sundays, Seasons, and Weekdays 2023
The Almanac for Pastoral Liturgy

Various authors, including Jena Thurow-Mountin and Andrew Mountin

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The 2023-2024 edition of Sourcebook is avaialbe.


This trusted annual publication provides concise and helpful material to inspire and assist those who prepare the Mass for each day of the liturgical year. It includes:

  • Preaching points
  • Additional Scripture insights for the Proper of Saints
  • Music preparation guidance and song suggestions
  • Ways to connect the liturgy to the Christian life
  • Original Mass texts for Sundays, solemnities, and feasts of the Lord
  • Seasonal worship committee agendas
  • Ideas for celebrating other rites and customs
  • An online supplement for preparing the sacramental rites
  • Seasonal introductions
  • Daily calendar preparation guides
  • Dated entries with liturgical titles, lectionary citations, and vestment colors
  • Scripture insights
  • Brief biographies of the saints and blesseds
  • Guidance for choosing among the options provided in the ritual texts

  • This year’s authors include: Leisa Anslinger, Wendy Cichanski Caduff, Benjamin Caduff, Kate Cousino, Ann Dickinson Degenhard, Mary A. Ehle, Karla Hardersen, John T. Kyler, Rachel Doll O’Mahoney, John Marquez, Jill Maria Murdy, Andrew Mountin, Jena Thurow-Mountin, Stephen Palanca, Paul Radkowski, and Robert Valle.

    Additional material was provided by:

    Susan Gleason Anderson, Kathryn Ball-Boruff, Jennifer Kerr Budziak, Jennifer Dixon Caravelli, Paul H. Colloton, osfs, Catherine A. Corey, Joseph DeGrocco, Mary C. Dumm, Rebekah Eklund, Christopher J. Ferraro, Karie Ferrell, Edrianne Ezell, Michael JK Fuller, Jerome Hall, sj, Kathleen Harmon, Patrick Hartin, Kurt Heinrich, Mary Heinrich, J. Philip Horrigan, Timothy A. Johnston, John Thomas Lane, sss, Ed Langlois, Corinna Laughlin, Maria Laughlin, Sara McGinnis Lee, Tat-siong Benny Liew, Julie Males, Ricky Manalo, csp, Anna Belle O’Shea, Teresa Marshall-Patterson, Randall R. Phillips, Biagio Mazza, Tanya Rybarczyk, Michael Simone, sj, Anne Elizabeth Sweet, ocso, Letitia Thornton, Stephen C. Wilbricht, sj, Daren J. Zehnle

    Sourcebook is my go to publication for inspiration for daily and Sunday homily material, for notes about the seasons, and ideas I can bring to our worship and hospitality committee. I especially appreciate the sample tropes for the Penitential Act, which are connected to the readings of the Sunday, as well as the other Mass texts. They are easily adaptable to one’s own community and circumstances.”

    Rev. Samuel J. Esposito Senior Parochial Vicar, Archangel Gabriel Parish Chaplain, Felician Sisters McKees Rocks, PA

    “The Sourcebook for Sundays, Seasons, and Weekdays is an invaluable resource for my work as a liturgist on a college campus. Our student interns reference the book on a weekly basis to help them reflect on the Scripture readings and to prepare Sunday Masses and special liturgical celebrations. Sourcebook provides our student leaders with a reflective tool which empowers them to prepare student-focused and culturally relevant liturgy for our campus.”

    Amy Omi, MMEd University Minister for Liturgy and the Arts Coordinator for Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Dominican University River Forest, IL

    “As a parish and diocesan youth ministry leader, I have found the Sourcebook For Sunday, Seasons, and Weekdays a helpful tool for planning liturgies, weekly staff discussions to help the pastor prepare for his homily as well as preparing my own talks or reflections and lectio divina with youth. I highly recommend it as a resource for all pastoral ministers.”

    Michael N. Buckler, MDiv Regional Associate Director Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL

    “I have relied on the Sourcebook as a convenient reference and inspiration for ideas for parish liturgy for years. In addition to the resources for each day, I know I can count on the online resources and seasonal introductions as a help for preparation throughout the liturgical year.”

    Rev. Marc A. Gawronski Moderator of the Downriver Family of Parishes Archdiocese of Detroit, MI

    “LTP’s Sourcebook For Sunday, Seasons, and Weekdays is an excellent resource for those who are preparing liturgies week in and week out. The material contained within this resource is simple and easy to understand. It is a great resource for our clergy and lay ministers. Our parish community has used the Sourcebook for many years and is a staple in our preparation process.”

    Letty Spain Director of Worship and Music Church of the Holy Spirit San Antonio, TX

    LTP’s Sourcebook For Sunday, Seasons, and Weekdays is a must-have for any Catholic ministry. While it informs our liturgical preparations, the Sourcebook also affords us the opportunity to inspire countless other initiatives throughout the University community. I value its ability to help us make the celebration of the Mass the central force for various mission-centered initiatives on campus.

    Rev. Kevin Nadolski, OSFS, Ph.D. Vice President for Mission DeSales University 2755 Station Avenue Center Valley, PA 18034

    “I really enjoy reading my Sourcebook. It gives me another way to reflect on the weekly readings as a volunteer in music ministry in the Catholic Church. It is another avenue to prepare my heart for the liturgy and to pray and sing the psalms.”

    Marilyn Zank Music Minister Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Midland, MI

    Sourcebook is an invaluable tool for us to not only prepare for our regular liturgies, but also provides a supportive resource in preparing our faculty and administrative weekly reflections. For a number of years, it has been difficult to find quality reviews of the daily readings that were helpful for those of us in an elementary school setting. The Sourcebook is a welcome aid in that regard.”

    Dan Sherman Principal, St. Paul School Seattle, WA 98178

    “The Sourcebook For Sunday, Seasons, and Weekdays, is my go to book for preparation of our liturgies. I don’t know how I would manage without it! One of the best Catholic resources available!”

    Deacon Roger Macias San Fernando Cathedral Archdiocese of San Antonio, Texas

    “Each annual edition of Sourcebook as well as other liturgical publications from LTP provides a consistent fresh approach to enliven the liturgical assembly so that each Mass can be challenging, uplifting, and spiritually nourishing to encourage and enable the assembly to continue celebrating and living the mysteries of the Divine Liturgy of Word and Eucharist.”

    Father John J Murphy Senior Associate, St. Luke Parish Erie, PA

    As a retired lay person, I find the Sourcebook very useful in my daily scripture-reading/prayer life. In particular, the Scripture Insights and Preaching Points help clarify my understanding.

    Theresa McLaughlin Saugus, Massachusetts

    “I use Sourcebook as a resource for breaking open the word for RCIA and Bible study. I find it helpful in uplifting themes of study and focus for the discussions I lead. The background information provided for the daily and weekly readings is also very valuable.”

    Venus Wozniak St. Dennis Lockport, IL

    “If I could only have one liturgy resource, it would be Sourcebook For Sunday, Seasons, and Weekdays. Always full of good ideas and answers to any questions, it is the perfect go-to for anyone who prepares liturgies of any kind.”

    Christina Norton Pastoral Associate St. Mary of the Woods Parish Chicago, IL

    “I am currently a freelance Church musician and I play for a local Catholic school's Masses. The fact the Masses are on weekdays, I find the short daily commentaries and ideas are very helpful in preparing appropriate music. When I was music director for my parish, I greatly appreciated the insight and reminders the Sourcebook would give daily, weekly, and seasonally.”

    Lucy Hurley Former Music Director/Organist St. Joseph Church Fredonia, NY