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{{vm.product.SpProduct.Article.Label}} Music and the Mass
A Practical Guide for Ministers of Music, Second Edition

David Haas

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Music and the Mass, Second Edition is a basic guide to key documents and principles regarding the celebration of the Eucharist. It walks through the Mass, rite by rite and step by step, describing each part through Scripture, Church documents, and various other sources. The author also offers commentary about the meaning of each part of the Mass through the lens of liturgical music.  Music ministers will be inspired and grow in their faith as they learn more about the celebration of the Eucharist and how they contribute to the “joyful song of praise” that is the Mass.

This book is an introductory and basic text for liturgical musicians, worship teams, and others interested in knowing more about the Mass. It can serve as a workbook for individuals or teams, a journal for keeping insights about one’s liturgical ministry, and be a source of inspiration about Catholic liturgical music and the Mass.

New to this second edition are chapters related to the role of liturgical music, the role of liturgical ministers, and the importance of sung prayer. Questions for discussion and reflection guide the user through the chapters and the quotations from Church documents have been updated to reflect current norms.

David Haas lives in Eagan, Minnesota, and serves on the campus ministry team at Cretin-Derham Hall in St. Paul, as well as being the founder and executive director of Music Ministry Alive!, an international liturgical music formation program for high school and college age youth. Highly regarded as one of the pre-eminent liturgical composers in the English-speaking world, he has produced over 45 collections of original liturgical music, and is active as a workshop and conference speaker, author, pastoral musician, concert performer and recording artist.